Flipper Standard Aquarium Glass Magnet Cleaner

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Flipper Standard Aquarium Glass Magnet Cleaner

Say goodbye to your old cleaner with all it’s clumsy parts. Simply scrub away soft algae with the cleaning pad. Scrape away tough algae with the scraper. It's the most versatile aquarium cleaner in the world! Dreading putting your hands in a wet fish tank? Remove algae without getting your hands involved. Who knew cleaning your tank could even be fun! Precise, powerful and agile. Daily maintenance AND tough algae removal. 

Flipper Standard - for aquariums up to 12mm

Flipper Standard - for aquariums up to 12mm.

Cleaner pad is approximately 100mm x 65mm.

  • Replaceable stainless steel blade. The blade is made of 316 stainless steel, which means that the Flippercleaner has been designed to remain in the tank without rusting.
  • Both the inside and outside magnet are very slim - around15mm - which means that the Flippercleaner can get places other cleaners cannot.

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