Dymax Iq3 Snowy White Aqurium

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The Dymax iQ3 is a beautiful desk or table top aquarium, coming complete with LED lighting and integrated filtration system. Manufactured from 0.6cm acrylic, it is stronger and safer than a similar sized glass aquarium.

  • At only 220 x 170 x 220mm in dimensions, this truly minute aquarium is designed with a fully integrated filter system consisting of a fine polishing pad and course biological filter sponge.The entire filtration system is hidden behind a built-in black acrylic divider.
  • The filtered water is returned to the display area via a compact, silent pump with an adjustable flow rate of 200 to 300 l/h, through a small duckbill shaped return nozzle that creates a gentle water flow
  • The pump, although small, consumes only 5w of power
  • The iQ3 comes complete with the slime-line Robot LED system consisting of 28 dimmable LED chips, utilizing only 1.6w of power
  • This lighting unit is very easy to attach to the aquarium and, being mounted on a goose neck, is fully adjustable with regards to direction and angle.
  • Although this lighting is perfect for a freshwater system, it would need to be supplemented with extra lighting should one wish to use it as a pico reef tank
  • This aquarium, due to it's size, is recommended for only tiny, nano fish, shrimps and plants. If utilized as a pico reef, only small invertebrates and  tiny corals are recommended.

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