Boyu Protein Skimmer Dt-1524

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The Boyu DT-1524 is a quality, economical, in-sump protein skimmer that effectively removes impurities and dissolved organic compounds from the water of both marine and reef systems.

  • The unit is rated for aquariums with volumes of between 350 to 500 liters
  • Utilizing a needle wheel type impeller, the water / air mixture is very effectively mixed to strip the water of waste products / impurities
  • The resulting waste foam is collected in the collection cup. Utilizing a drain pipe, the waste may be diverted to a container for disposal or, the collection cup itself may easily be removed. 
  • the Boyu DT-1524 is rated at a maximum flow of 1850 L/H whilst only consuming 35 W of power 
  • The DT-1524 is for in-sump use only
  • Skimmer dimensions: 216 x 186 x 600 mm
  • Pump model: SP-103 rated at 35w / 230V / 50-60Hz

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